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Evolving Creativity Since 2020

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In 2017 three artists met online. They wanted to help other artists out and feature them online. Initially, they called themselves "Breakout Arts" and formed a website surrounding the idea. Overnight they shared the idea with art friends around the globe. 12 singers, writers, painters, photographers and fine artists joined their ranks by morning. In a week the number grew to 100.

The message was clear: Artists need support.

It was a shocking development. The path wasn't clear and, feeling overwhelmed, the group disbanded. However, the idea was never forgotten.

A New World

2020 brought Covid-19, societal change, and sparked global awareness in many ways. Alien Tech Sci Art found a home on Tiktok (no affiliation) where artists could form a community of supportive people.

This website features some of the original artists from the group of 100 mentioned above, and new artists who have a story to tell in the Alien Tech Sci Art realm. We hope you enjoy learning about their lives, work and how they evolved their creativity.

To share your story email parkeramandalynn@gmail.com.

Site Ownership

Amanda Parker of Alien Tech Sci Art (live on TikTok M-F 12:30PM).

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