Featured Artist: Carmen Griffitts

Angel Readings

German-American | Jewelry Artisan | Spiritual Guide

"Since we have experienced unsettling times, there is an increased request for spiritual guidance. I have been giving readings for over 10 years and guided to offer my ability to the public."


Energy doesn’t distinguish space and time so your reading can be done over the phone. Please allow 60-90 minutes for your session.

Carmen Griffitts

If you want someone to truly help guide you on the path you're meant to be on set up an appointment. To meet with Carmen click the button above or contact her at carmen.griffitts@gmail.com


Carmen has been the bright light in my life. God had planned to bring us together. She has a great gift /heart for angel readings and house readings. She has read my daughter and I several times and has read and blessed my houses . I felt more relaxed and comforted knowing I was in her hands and eyes. I knew that what I felt wasn’t wrong. When I have an issue I go to her. She understands me. She confirmed a lot of things for me. Genuine and guided, you will not regret it.

-Lisa Norton (Marietta, GA)

I spoke with Carmen for a tear-filled hour in 2019 as she told me things no could have ever known about my father, family members, life, soulmate and self. It's as if she read my thoughts and answered my questions when I never told her anything. Every aspect of my life was discussed and transformed.. Some things I did not change for a year and I honestly wish I followed her guidance sooner. She helped me clear my mind and realize the direction I'm meant to go in life. There is nothing religious about the experience, she simply tells you what her spirit guides tell her to pass along to you. It's amazing.

- Amanda Parker (Fairfax, VA)


Originally from Germany, Carmen started crafting as a child with any materials available to her. As a young adult she immigrated to Virginia in the United States. Over time she expanded her work and developed professional jewelry making skills in addition to being a gifted spiritual guide.

After 35 years her passions became a full time career. She now owns Voluptas Jewelry Design and is one of the finest jewelry artisans in the world. She uses only the highest quality materials from Japan (Miyuki seed beads), Czech Republic and Austria. Her beaded jewelry takes hours to make as she crafts original designs for Art a la Carte gallery in Occoquan, Virginia.

She also educates jewelers and passes on her design skills to local bead stores. She continues to be inspired by her surroundings and constantly ups the ante by adding fine details and original ideas. The quality is unmatched.


Contact Carmen for hand-crafted necklaces, bracelets or earrings for your wedding or next special occasion!