Featured Artists

Amanda Parker
Amanda Parker | American

Abstract Artist & Visual Story Teller


Carmen Griffitts
Carmen Griffitts | German-American

Jewelry Artisan, Angel & Tarot Reader

Samii Dre
Samii Dre | Nigerian

Fine Artist

About Alien Tech Sci Art Creators

Each creative on Alien Tech Sci Art has spent years mastering their ability. They have unique gifts and offer the world a chance to see something it has never seen before. Current artist styles include abstraction, stickers, jewelry crafting, angel reading, tarot card reading, portrait art, fine art, pencil art, ink art and visual story telling.

What does it mean to give the world something new?

Finding a true skill as an artist simply means mastering your craft by reaching your true potential. It takes years of practice and dedication to your creative ability. Everyone is capable of becoming a master artist, however, only some artists have the passion and dedication it takes to become a true master of creativity.


Samii Dre is a portrait artist from Nigeria. One day while drawing tiny shapes began appearing on the face of his subject. He decided to follow his instinct and enhance the shapes to create an interesting texture on the skin of the model he was drawing. This detail works it's way into many of his modern artworks now.

Carmen Griffitts spent over 20 years developing a relationship with spirituality through meditation. Over time her ability to communicate with another world most people cannot access became evident. Now she offers her skill to others who seek guidance through her gifted readings. Using the same meditative state, she creates intricate jewelry and unique designs.

Salvador Dali gave the world something new, yet was heavily influenced by Francis Bacon, Vermeer, Raphael and many other artists who found their true skill. Historic artists like Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg inspired Andy Warhol who went on to inspire the great James Rosenquist. We hope to inspire you to become a master artist in your own style.

How can you be featured?

Artists of all types are welcome to apply for a permanent feature on this website including traditional, musicians, writers, tattoo artists, pencil artists, video production artists and more. There is no charge to be featured. The only qualification is reaching your true skill and mastering your potential as an artist. To be featured please contact parkeramandalynn@gmail.com.