Every artist on this website is unknown to the masses upon arrival at Alien Tech Sci Art. However, each one has found a true style.

How do you find your true style? Practice. Create until you have the ability to give the world something new.. Something they have never seen before. Every artist here adds top quality creativity to their work.

The number of featured artists on this website will grow to 100 masters over the course of the next ten years. We hope to inspire you to become the next master artist!

All types of artists including traditional painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, pencil and pen artists will be featured here over time. Art is so versatile that the list is infinite for creativity.

To be featured please contact parkeramandalynn@gmail.com.

If you received any invitation through email to this website it is not real. Amanda Parker only reaches out to specific humans who master their skill and appreciate recognition. She does not randomly select artists, they are typically connected to Amanda in some way. The only commonality is that they have reached their forte in their creativity and produce art for the world.

Please contact her to learn more about finding your true skill or being featured if you're interested.